Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Some fandom mash-ups should never occur

Last night I finished my reread of the whole St Clare's series - reviews forthcoming - and watched the first part of the new Torchwood, leading to strange two-in-the-morning thoughts (1965 might be a bit late for the St Clare's books, since they were published in the early 40s, but can we really assume they're suppose to be contemporary to their publication when there's no mention of the war? And there's that mysterious skip from second year to fourth. I think I just like the idea of Mam'zelle dragging Miss Roberts from the staffroom because these bad third-formers, they are playing a treek, pretending to be frozen in place, and they've somehow got the whole school in on it...)

I'm two chapters into the first Chalet School book, thankfully one with quite a nice cover, not the grinning Stepford schoolgirl that's posted further down this page. I'm coming stuck on how 'Grizel' is pronounced, but the evil stepmother and Madge's habit of throwing back her head to laugh a merry laugh seem promising so far. I was planning on doing the third Sadler's Wells book instead but since the romantic plotline in the second one made me incandescent with rage I might give it a few days.


  1. Enjoying your blog so far, and agree with you on the lack of personality in the O'Sullivan Twins. I too prefer Malory Towers for that reason.

    Grizel is pronounced with the emphasis on the second syllable, by the way. I think it's short for "Griselda."

  2. Oh, good, thank you! That's how I'd been pronouncing it, I was worried I was going to go through multiple books not knowing... (I was in my 20s before anyone informed me that my favourite sister in Ballet Shoes is called PET-rova, not Pe-TROV-a. Or possibly the other way around, I've forgotten again.)