Thursday, 2 July 2009

In which I am overly susceptible to second-hand bookshops

I went down town with the intention of buying kids' books. I didn't intend to come home with thirty of them, but that's what happens when a cunning second-hand bookshop owner entices you into his shop with a promise of all books at 50p. I came out of there with two giant bags full of Biggles, Worrals, Jennings, Abbey Girls, Cherry Ames and Molesworth (gorgeous hardbacks all), then stopped in at another couple of establishments to stock up on paperbacks; Trebizon, Chalet School, Noel Streatfeild, Flambards, Eva Ibbotson... at this point I could just build myself a little fort out of children's books and sit inside it eating cake and reading the walls.

I've started into Jennings first, because I've somehow never come across that series before - maybe because it's about a boys' school? That said, I read Billy Bunter - and so far the titular character and his best chum have started a newspaper, accidentally acquired some fish and set fire to the school photography lab. Good times all. Obviously I'm far to highminded to snigger at sentences like "Well, you blow my trumpet and I'll blow yours."

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